AB Polymers

Our services

The constant availability of the full range of products is a main target for AB POLYMERS. Beyond simply selling plastics, the company offers to its customers the ability to make local customized procurements, according to their needs, warehouse capacities and costs management. The national territory is entirely.

As we deal with mainly imported products, our mission requires the finest management, and a continuous control in every single step, from negociations to warehouse, in purpose to keep our promises despite constraints such as delivery time management, hazards, paperwork, custom procedures, logistics, …

AB POLYMERS owns two warehouses in Oran, and a third one in Algiers, with a capacity of 12 000 metric tons, over 35 500 m², handling facilities, a few trucks and a wide web of trustworthy partners in transport.

The services of the company includes :

  • delivery on site within 24H for an average path of 600KM.
  • Payment solutions (simple drafts of 30, 60 and up to 90 days).
  • Technical support in target to ensure quality control, advising and support fitting to the customers needs.

Currently, AB POLYMERS deals with an average of 60.000 metric tons of plastics per year, and can go up to 80.000 metric tons per year.

Our partners

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